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 Digitise Compliance Processes using Microsoft PowerApps

Lever Microsoft Office 365 Technologies to the Full 

Maximise YOUR Software Stack including SharePoint, PowerApps and Microsoft Teams

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Transform Teamwork with Microsoft 365
& Bespoke Canvas PowerApps

Own the Apps, Data and Workflows

Integrate with Existing Systems

Undertake Audits and Inspections & Own the Data 

Enable Staff to Work Smarter  


Our Solutions are ideal for those involved in Construction, Managing Agents, Housing Associations, Local Authorities, Universities & the NHS 

PowerApp Solutions
for All Sectors


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Luxury Flats
Installation Power Buggy Rental
Chemical Plant

Manage Property compliance information including FRAs and Fire door inspections for tenanted property. 


Undertake Safety (log book) Inspections e.g. Asbestos, Legionella, Fire Doors, Compartments, Emergency Lighting Systems, Fire Alarms etc. 


All using PowerApp technologies.

Use RFID scanning technology to bring up Asset information.  Assess the asset and record non-conformities. 


Generate tasks for the maintenance team - External or Internal.

Close out non-conformities and record improvements made using interlined PowerApps.  

Data pushed and pulled in PowerApps.  


Report in HTML format to SharePoint.

Digitising exiting processes - People, Property and Operations

Track the status and location of small plant and equipment

Facilitate Site Observation Reports (SORS), by clients, contractors and employees

Create workflows for site managers and the SHEQ team

Inspect plant and equipment (PDI, Daily, Weekly checks)

Link Microsoft Project to PowerApps and SharePoint.  View and edit project status off a mobile App 

Manager requisition and keeping track of the status of material orders:

  • QS and Accounts approval

  • Visualisation of the status of ordered materials including part deliveries.    

Schedule work activities

Undertake SHEQ site inspections / audits and generate reports and workflows for others

Share Information - Photographs and Drawings

Handle due diligence, and the Exchange of Information in 'Microsoft Teams'

Schedule Activities

Capture Key Contractor Information

​Manage contractor appraisal

Assess & Manage Competence


Induct contractors to your premises.  Use Microsoft Sway to support company and site induction and cast toolbox talks from a mobile device to a TV / PC Monitor.    

Co-Ordinate & Control the activities of those on site using a permit system

Manage tasks

Closeout works

​Produce meaningful reports

Closeout and record attendance using a PowerApp.  Data to SharePoint. 

Export competency requirements and reports to Excel.

Our Sector Solutions


Get the most out of Microsoft' Software Subscription including
SharePoint, PowerApps and Microsoft Teams

Our Canvas PowerApp Portfolio

  • Estates / Facilities Management (Estates Strategy Group)  Manageable and holistic view of the condition and performance of your entire estate. Compliance-based assessment with detailed and actionable insight and traffic light management dashboards.

  • Report Builder Apps.  A means to undertake inspections using a Power App to generate a fully formatted MS Word document e.g. A Health and Safety Inspection / Audit or a Fire Risk Assessment

  • Asset Management Apps e.g. to handle asset details including certificates, location, inspections, and maintenance

  • Inspection Apps (RFID Scanning) e.g. Scan an asset to bring up asset information e.g. fire doors, engineering equipment, plant etc.  Then undertake an inspection

  • Observation Reporting Apps. Use a QR code to record a finding and generate automated workflows

  • Project Management. Integrate Microsoft Project to SharePoint and PowerApps 

  • Procurement Apps e.g. material requisition.  Handle ordering, approvals and deliveries

  • Site Diary Apps e.g. daily construction site register of activities - planned and completed

  • Maintenance Apps e.g. plant, fire door remediation etc.

  • Training solutions built in other O365 Technologies. 


  • Communications


Convey messages through QR codes and links.  Cast presentations to a screen and embed knowledge tests.  Content is available for:

  • Builder Merchants (SOPs)

  • Care (based upon the Care Certificate)​

  • Construction (Toolbox Talks based around CITB and HSE busy builder sheets)  

  • Education (Safety Induction)

  • Engineering (SOPs for different work activities e.g. welding, reversing vehicles use of mobile plant etc. )

  • Hotels (Safety Induction and Toolbox Talks)

  • Offices (New person induction and H&S briefings)

  • Warehouses (New person induction, H&S Briefings and safe operating procedures e.g. dock operation, reversing, and use of mobile plant)

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Contractor 365 has a Team of People with the Skills, Knowledge and Expertise to understand complex problems and deploy a mix of Office 365 Technologies to meet individual and Team needs. 

We speak your language - Our Organisation possesses a diverse range of expertise including qualified:

  • Mechanical Engineers

  • Safety / Risk Management Professionals

  • Microsoft 365 Experts

  • Construction Risk Management Professionals
    (Members APS and IOSH)

  • Database Developers


As an organisation we are small enough to care but sufficiently resourced and committed to meeting clients expectations.

We offer transparent pricing and will never make excessive charges for the work we do. 




For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: 0161 408 2088 or fill out the following form

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Head Office

118, Hoyles Lane,  Cottam, Preston PR44 0NB


Tel: 0161 408 2088


To apply for a job with Contractor 365, please send a cover letter together with your C.V. to:

Get a quote: 0161 408 2088

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